Tracks sounding dull?

Nowadays artists are spending a lot more time recording at home, and they are getting pretty awesome results.  Sometimes what falls short is the MIX or the Mastering.  Having an outside ear and opinion can really help.  This is what we do! Every day we are mixing, recording or mastering.  If you get stuck, give us a call, and we can have a go at the mix.

The regular studio rate of $49.95 per hour (plus taxes) applies to any mixing or mastering job.  If you are planning on bringing your files into mix please make sure of the following

1.  The files are either or WAV or AIFF, please do not bring MP3 files, the damage has already been done to them.  We can accept 16 or 24 bit files and sampling rates of 44.1 , 48 and 96khz.

2.  Please make sure that your files are consolidated.  Meaning that when you bring us 24 tracks to the mix, they all start and end at the same time.  Here is a youtube video tutorial on how to do it.

3.  Please only bring files that you would like in the mix, alternate takes are cumbersome to sort through

4.  Label your audio files, this cuts down on detective work, wasting precisious mix time. ex bass 01 vs audio 12.

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