Winnipeg Hip Hop History

Platinum Gold Studios has long been associated with the Hip Hop community in Winnipeg, ever since the days of URBNRG Records.  We have recorded tracks for a veritable who’s who of Winnipeg Hip Hop including,

Young Kidd, Sertifyde, White Rhino, Bonafide, 12Seven, Demomice, Winnipeg’s Most, Da Skelpa Squad, Frost Gamble, Boogey The Beat, Dele O, Kid Canada, Cher Maendel, Flo, Kevin Melquist, Fenom, DJ Fin-s, and so many more!

As you can hear on local radio stations like Streetzfm, Platinum Gold Studios has been working with local hip hop artists to record quality music.

The great thing about recording hip hop, especially when you have all your ideas ready to go, is that it doesn’t take a long time to do, some artist’s can record up to 3 songs in an evening.  The attention to detail in the mix and recording by Shane Ward creates stunning results.   And yes we “mix & master!”

Generally hip hop artist will bring in their beats on CD or USB stick, (we prefer you bring both in case one decides not to work).   If you know the BPM of your track that is extremely helpful when starting the recording project.

The regular studio rate is $49.95 per hour plus taxes.  We accept Visa/Mastercard/Debit   We are open Monday to Friday 9-5 and most evenings, you do have to make an appointment.  We normally don’t book weekend sessions unless they are a full day booking.

To book an appointment phone 204-586-8057 or email

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