Archival Photos From The Loft Recording Studio


Going thru a few boxes of old photos I stumbled upon these jems.  These are pictures from the original “Loft” Recording studio.  Many great albums & artists were recorded here including Ray St. GermainUkrainian OldtimersReg Bouvette, Vic Thunderchild, Eldon Jones, Ernest Monias just to name a few.  Sunshine Records went into business around 1974, the studio was opened a few years after that at a old house on Selkirk Ave, in Winnipeg, MB.  The building still stands its at 215 Selkirk Ave

To see more archival pics check out the Platinum Gold Studios Facebook Page.

The Loft eventually became “Platinum Gold Studios” in the early 80’s when Sunshine Records and the studio moved to its permanent home, just down the block at 275 Selkirk Ave.  You can check out Platinum Gold Studios at 

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