Benefits to having a recording engineer on speed dial

Just lately I was perusing Kijiji and found a bunch of pro audio gear and guitars for sale from a well known studio in Winnipeg, which got me thinking much has been written about the “big” studios failing and closing their doors, and the evolution (err… revolution!) of the home studio & DIY music business that has cropped up over the last few years.

Rather than point out the reasons for the demise of the “recording studio” as we know it, (check out Dave Grohl’s documentary Sound City for details).  All one needs to do is to look at the new releases section on to realize that albums are not often being recorded in professional studios.  I think that its imperative to start the discussion about what recording engineers and studios can do for you in 2013, and their place in the business.

As it stands right now I can count on one hand the “big” studios left in Winnipeg, and I’m sure that they are feeling the same pinch.  Much like the corner hardware store, these studios are becoming scarce.  One just has to look at the low prices of audio gear to realize that it is much more cost effective to buy gear and attempt to figure it out by yourself than it is to hire an experienced studio/engineer and track your record in a professional atmosphere.  Or is it?

I’ve often worked with artists that have started the recording process at home, only to become completely disillusioned and have come looking for advice.  More often than not I’ve tracked new parts on records at the studio, to beds that were started in a home studio.  Or vice versa, I’ve tracked the bed tracks in the studio and the client has gone home to build up the rest of the songs.  Only to then bring the album back in to have it professionally mixed.

I’m not saying that you NEED to record your album in a professional studio, I think its important to realize that having an extra set of well trained ears can really help a project.   There are some really good professional’s in this city that have been making records for a long time.  Give them a call, send them an email, ask for advice!

My email is feel free to email me.

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