What to expect your first time at the studio

Awesome, you’ve booked your session.  This means you’ve done some pre-production at home, you’ve got your instruments ready to go, and that nasty cold you’ve been fighting is gone so you should be able to sing.  If you said no to any of those statements you may want to consider re-booking your studio time when your feeling better, your instruments are in shape, and you’ve got your tune all figured out.

Alright time to lay down some tracks! First things first, If you haven’t already done so, give the studio engineer a call and discuss what exactly it is you’d like to accomplish, that was he/she can game plan and budget the time wisely.

Once you get to the studio, try your best to get “comfy”, have a coffee or some tea.  If the studio room is too cold or too hot, ask that it be changed.  Give the engineer some time to setup the microphones, and try to be patient.  This can be overlooked by some clients, but its where the magic starts and if you rush the setup the rest of the recording process may suffer.   I normally charge my hourly wage for setup time, rather that the actual studio time.  This allows me to make sure its “Right” without having a client worrying about funds.

Depending on what you are planning to record, the engineer may have you run thru the song a few times to get recording levels, make sure the headphone mix is right, double check the tempo/timing of the song etc.  Once again be patient.

If you have any other questions about the studio process or would like to book the studio, send me an email studio@worldwidesunshine.com I’d be glad to answer any of your questions.


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