Getting Comfy Singing

Some people say that the Vocal is the make or break part of the song.  Not to put any more pressure on you as the singer, but to a degree that statement is true.  So what can you do about it?  Obviously prior to recording the song, you should be very familiar with it, have practiced it quite a lot.  The real trick is being comfortable enough in the studio to actually sing the part! 

Here are a few hints that should help the process. 

1.  Relax – Sounds crazy right? But if your tense, uptight, not feeling well, you need to change that, as soon as you can.  Take a walk, go outside get some fresh air, have some tea. 

2.  Turn the lights down low – Sometimes studios can feel a little clinical with the lights on.  Think back to when you are the most comfortable singing? is it in your room? on stage? in the shower? (quick note – our studio room is built up a little higher than the control room making you feel like your on stage)

3.  Run thru the tune a few times – Get the headphone mix adjusted right.  Remember if you hear to much of yourself or too little you may over sing, or come out flat or sharp.  Having a rhythm instrument a bit louder in the mix will help you to stay on pitch.  

4.  Record the song – Whether its in parts (Chorus stop, Verse Stop) or a few run thru’s saving the takes, whatever works for  you!  One thing I’ve often found that works great is to record the song from the top without any stops, and then go back and record just the first verse and chorus.  Singers tend to get in the “Zone” by the end of the song.  Running back and re-doing the first part of the song can get you that consistency thru out. 

5.  Try not to pick it apart – Nothing is more frustrating than picking apart your own vocals.   Record a few passes of the song and move on.  Go back and re-listen to it a little later.  Maybe jump to another song.  More often than not the first few takes are “the ones”, going over something tends to sterilize the performance.  Sometimes after a bit of a break you realize there is maybe only a few parts that need to be re-done. 

Hopefully that helps you out a bit! 

If you have any questions about recording, need a quote, or just want to chat, give us a call 204-586-8057 or email 

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