Killer Session – Aidan and the Ultimas

424167_483054791735738_1113360511_nJust finished up an awesome sessions with Aidan and the Ultimas!  We got 4 tunes down, and mixed in a relatively quick amount of time.  That’s the great thing about recording live off the floor.  You get an awesome feel, the band plays together, minimal overdubs, and it pretty much mixes itself.  I believe that the band will be having a EP release party shortly, and will have some disc’s available soon.  I have “Until I Met Your Mother” on replay in my head since this session happened.  Killer tune.

If I could some these guys up, its like Bob Dylan song-writing (with a better voice) being backed up by Pink Floyd & The Stones.

These guys even brought a Hammond B3 complete with leslie rotating speaker into the studio.  Thankfully we managed to get a few gorilla’s to help us move this beast into the studio.  Also learned that we can actually get one of those bad boys down the hall way (SCORE!).

Go and check them out on facebook

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