Got Beats?

I often get asked if the studio has beats for sale of if we can make beats.  The answer is no, but its for a very specific reason.  Making beats takes a lot of time to get right.   Sometimes its better to leave that to the hip hop heads. Now don’t get me wrong, I personally am a hip hop head, but when you get right down to it a beat maker who spends all his time doing that and listening to hip hop is going to create a far killer beat than me. It is preferable for artists to come in with beats that are ready to go, that they’ve practiced with. This all being said I do have a few tips on producing beats.

I often get asked “Hey what program do you use to make beats?, How do I get pro sounding beats?”. In reality it really doesn’t matter what program you use, there are a ton of options out there, pick something that you are comfortable with and go! Try your best to not let technology get in the way of making music. For the record I use Pro Tools for recording, it has samplers in it for making beats, and I’ve used reason a bit as well.

How do I get pro sounding beats? This is simple, its called practice. When I first started learning how to play guitar (and even today) I learned other peoples songs, this not only taught me how to play, it also showed me little tricks that I could borrow and emulate in my own music. The same goes for beat making, grab a track that you really like and do your absolute best to try and emulate that track. Don’t give up, listen to the beat, figure out what is going on with all the elements. Its exactly the same as playing an instrument, except your playing all the instruments. Once you’ve re-done a few songs, you will start to figure out your own style, and of course borrow a few cool little tricks you’ve learned a long the way.

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