Artist Showcase – Almost Insight

I’d like to introduce you to our new feature on this blog!  “Artist Showcase”.  After I thoroughly enjoyed my time judging at the latest Landmark Entertainment showcase, I thought to myself “Good God! is there a lot of great bands in this city!”.

So without further ado, here’s the first band up!  Almost Insight!

IMG_0373(Railroad front)Almost Insight is an Alternative Rock/Funk band from Winnipeg, MB. Formed in 2009, the band was known under the name “Les Ptis Pitoux” until Feb 2015.  Changing their name marked a new direction and rejuvenation in their pursuit of new territory. Always keeping an open mind, the group continues to explore new genres and styles, making for an ever-evolving sound. Starting out from Metal roots, the band has now grown into a cleaner, funkier style that relies on multiple vocal harmonies and clever musical arrangements. Best known for their skillful instrumentals and moving lyrics, Almost Insight seeks to convey meaningful music to anyone willing to listen.
Facebook page:
1.  Who are your musical inspirations & influences?
– Whatever sounds good. To me, that means the music has a good balance between traditional sounds/progressions and innovative ones, and the meaning of the lyrics isn’t completely straightforward, as I like having room to interpret and reinterpret the song. Currently, my biggest influences are definitely Alt-J, Royal Canoe and Phoenix. From time to time, I’ll listen to older, more complicated things like baroque(mostly Bach) or classical(mostly Beethoven) music to see if I can find some adaptable ideas to steal. -CMR
– A day to remember! They were the first band that I really fell in love with and learned all of their songs. Besides that, I find things I love in every and any band that I listen to. A few drummers whom I really admire are Tony Royster Junior and Luke Holland. Those guys are both masters of their crafts! – SL
– My uncle Marc Fredette. He’s a guitarist and vocalist out of British Columbia and records very interesting patterns, lyrics and songs. Other bands that inspire me are City and Colour, as well as Ryan Adams for his amazing music creation and execution. – ZF
– Originally I found inspiration in classic rock as this is the music I was brought up with. But  lately I have been finding more and more inspiration in alternative indie music. JMD
2.  What local band other than you guys would you like people to know about?
– If you already know Royal Canoe and Imaginary Cities(assuming you can still call them “local” bands despite their success), then check out Storybook Kids! They just released their second album(Log Jam)! -CMR
– I would have said Storybook Kids as well, but since Ced already mentioned them, I’ll say Suitcase Shoes. I saw those guys perform recently and they were super tight! – SL
– Storybook Kids are on top of my list as well, but I will add to the list Take Me To The Pilot. They have a nice pop sound, and the members are great people, super cool and really chill. -ZF
– Storybook Kids enough said! -JMD
3.  Gear question! What guitars, amps, drums, basses, effects do you use?
– I play an Arbor AP 230CS Solid body and occasionally, an Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AG95 Hollow body. I’ll always favour heavier gauge strings over a lighter gauge, and the brand is usually D’Addario or Ernie Ball. I really like using this black 0.88 Snarling Dogs Brain pick, but normally, I take whatever’s adorning my jean pockets’ insides. In terms of amps, I use a Line-6 Spider IV HD 150 half-stack, despite it being extremely cumbersome. As a pedalboard, I use the Line-6 FBV Shortboard MkII, which is great for quick access to the multitude of effects on the Line-6 head. If we’re talking about what those effects are, I don’t play with much more than the usual EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb and Distortion. Maybe a bit of chorus? There’s also this volume boost function which I find very handy for live solos.  -CMR
– I play a 4 piece Pearl Export series drum kit with a 3 cymbal set up and DW 7000 double kick. I’ve got my (all Sabian) 20″ AA ride, HHX Evolution 16″ crash, and a 16″ AAX stage crash. As for skins, I’ve been loyal to Evans heads for a few years now and am currently using Evans G2 skins. Then there’s my baby: 12″ premium Black Panther snare. Love the bright sound it brings to my setup! – SL
– I play a Yamaha MOXF8 keyboard with a Roland Cube amp. These two are my babies although sometimes I wish I wouldn’t have to carry them around. I also attempt to make a sound come out of my Shecter Hellraiser and groove on a salmon pink Fender Squire P-bass. – ZF
I play an Ibanez xpt 700 guitar and Greg Bennett Corsair bass. Although I love my guitar I would like to have an other one that does not have a floyed rose changing strings is a pain. As for the bass it does the job for now but I would like to upgrade one day for a better sound. – JMD
4.  If you could put together a perfect band with anyone alive or passed away,
who would be in the band(6 players, keys, 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals)?
-I’d be curious to hear this:
Vocals: Joe Newman
Keys: Claude Debussy
Bass: Dan Briggs
Drums: HAL 9000
Guitar 1: Wes Montgomery
Guitar 2: Me(If it’s the perfect band, I want to be part of it!) -CMR
– Tony Royster Junior on drums, John Mayer on lead vocals / guitar along with Allan stone – they’d split both guitar and vocals – Jeff Bhasker on bass and Frank McComb on the keys. These guys would be a seriously funky band! I know this is not a 6 piece band, but with that mix, what more could you want? – SL
– My lead signer would have to be Freddy Mercury. On the drums would be Phill Collins. The guitar would have to be played by both Jack Johnson and the Great Slash! Finally, the bassist would need to be George Harrison. And finally, on the keyboard would be Paul McCartney. – ZF
5.  What song are you currently digging?
– “The Gospel Of John Hurt” by Alt-J -CMR
– That’s a difficult question! There’s so many. But if I had to pick one today, it would probably be “Sunday Funday” by the band magic. I just heard it recently and it’s so catchy. – SL
– “Trouble” by Coldplay – ZF
– “Sweater Weather” by the neighborhood – JMD
6.  What is the future for the band? Any plans to record?
As of right now, we’re writing lots of songs and preparing for the next round of the LME Showcase! We’ve been experimenting with our sound for a while and we now feel as though we’ve found the direction we want to take. We’re also focusing on getting our name out there in the local scene and playing shows regularly, which we’ve managed to kick start by participating in the LME Showcase. As for recording, absolutely! We’ve recorded a single at Private Ear Studios in the past and had a great experience. As soon as we pull the songs and the money together, we’re shooting for an album. – Unanimous
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