Artist Showcase – Jethead

Formedimage5 in Winnipeg, Manitoba in late 2013, we have created a sharp new spin on the ever popular grunge sound that has seemingly lost its way in today’s popular music. Combining influences that range from the heaviest of metal, to down home country, and everything in between, noting artists such as: Garth Brooks, Eminem, John Fogerty, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Judas Priest, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and many more. We deliver a huge dose of reality driven by raw emotion and an aggressive acoustic sound combined with everything there is to love about traditional rock ‘n roll. Our styles, derived from 5 very different backgrounds both musically and personally, have come together to create a sound that is difficult to describe as anything but different. As of now, we’ve been struck by a surge of unique and powerful song writing and are hoping to record our first full-length album some time in 2016.

The Band

Chayce Loewen – Lead Singer/Acoustic Guitar

Jamie Vanderhorst – Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Marlon Johnson – Lead/Rhythm Guitar

Dylan Jeffers – Bass Guitar

Tanner Bryant – Drums

Social Media

Band Q + A

  1. Who are your musical inspirations & influences?

CL: Garth Brooks and Eddie Vedder.

TB: Listened to alot of older types of music when I was younger, Elvis, Doo Woo, Zeppelin. Definitely a fan of simple playing and what fits the song as a whole. No showing off. I’d say my top 3 drumming influences are Bernard Purdy, John Bonham (obviously), and Gavin Harrison

JV: Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Nirvana, Beatles, CCR

DJ: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Joy Division, King Crimson

MJ: John Petrucci, Andy Larocque

  1. What other local band other than you guys would you like people to know about?

CL: Played a show with “Ralph” a few weeks ago at The Pyramid. Those guys are definitely worth checking out. Their singing drummer is INSANE!

TB: Dirty Catfish Brass Band. I think they’re already fairly well known but they’re just awesome if you’re into that type of music.

JV: Ralph

DJ: Mahogany Frog

MJ: Endless Chaos

  1. What guitars, amps, drums, basses, effects do you use?

CL: A Peavey VK212 I got off Kijiji and the second love of my life, my Rainsong Carbon Fibre acoustic/electric

TB: Dark Green Tama Starclassic kit. Zildjan cymbals – 15” hi-hat, 16” fast crash, 18” thin crash and a 24” medium ride. 20×24 base drum, 10×12 rack tom, and a 16×16 floor Tom. Pearl demon drive floor pedal.

JV: Gibson Les Paul, Epiphone SG, Peavey Bandit, Cry Baby Wah Pedal

DJ: Rickenbacker/Fender, Sansamp

MJ: Modified Fender Strats, Mesa Boogie Dual Rec

  1. If you could put together a perfect band with anyone alive or passed away, who would be in the band?

CL: Pearl Jam as is with Andrew Wood on keys, shared vocals with Eddie.

TB: Gavin Harrison (drums),  Jeff Beck (lead guitar), John Entwhistle (bass), Eddie Vedder (vocals), James Hetfield (rhythm guitar), Jon Lord (keys)

JV: Ray Manzarak (Keys), Malcolm Young, Mick Taylor (Guitars), Paul McCartney (Bass), Keith Moon (Drums), Bon Scott (Vocals)

DJ: Levon Helm, Chuck Rainey, Danny Elfman, Sara Quin, Alfie Jurvanen

MJ: Dream Theatre is that band

  1. What song are you currently digging?

CL:  Nothingman (Demo) – Pearl Jam. Sometimes the demo’s are better than the finished product.

TB: Taylor Swift – My Wildest Dreams

JV: Nothing in particular

DJ: Mother Mother – Chasing It Down

MJ: Old Judas Priest albums

  1. What is the future for the band? Any plans to record?

CL: We’re hoping to record our first album sometime next year but who really knows what the future holds for us. Just gonna keep doing what we’re doing until we’re either dead or famous……or both.

TB: Future is whatever we want it to be, and that’s to make it happen.

JV: Keep playing live

DJ: Recording first album, more gigs, extended guitar solos

MJ: To kick ass

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