Artist Showcase – Five Hundred Pound Furnace

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Five Hundred Pound Furnace is a hard rock band based in Winnipeg, Manitoba with a focus on playing high energy and entertaining live shows.   The band consists of Nick (guitar), Jesse (vocals), Ivo (drums) and Jake (bass), combining their range of musical influences from classic hard rock and heavy metal to punk rock to bring their audience a catchy and energetic music experience.  Radio personality Gordo Fry once said “To hear the Furnace, you have to see the Furnace,” and the band tries very hard to live up to that statement.

Five Hundred Pound Furnace has played extensively around Manitoba and is looking to lengthen their reach.  They’ve had the honor of sharing the stage with many talented bands including Drowning Pool, Domenica, State of Shock , Jen Militia and Anvil and have had airplay and interviews on Power 97 and Freq 107 in Winnipeg as well as TBFM online radio.

The band has independently recorded and released one full-length album and a four song EP, both of which have garnered positive reviews.  They are currently awaiting the arrival of a music video that was shot for the song ‘Vimy’ and are going to be back in the recording studio shortly.

Our contact information:

Call or text Nick at 204-292-4660


Here are some links where you can see us live or listen to our music.

Our 4 song EP is available on ReverbNation

This is an animated music video we had done for Bring The Fight

Live show we’ve played recently on youtube as well

The band can also be found online on facebook, twitter, myspace and bandcamp.

As of this writing Five Hundred Pound Furnace won the coveted spot as opener for STEEL PANTHER! 


Question & Answer

1.  Who are your musical inspirations & Influences?
Our musical inspirations and influences are wide ranging.  Some members of the band lean toward more extreme metal while other are more into classic heavy metal or punk rock.  When we’re writing Five Hundred Pound Furnace songs we just try to be respectful of everyone’s interests and tastes so we can incorporate them all into our music.
2.  What local band other than you guys would you like people to know about?
We recently had the privilege of playing with a really cool local band called ‘Dark Mourning’.  They were all former members of ‘X-Engine-X’ and ‘Devoid’ which were really cool local bands.  ‘Grandmaster’ is really good as well.  They’re a really catchy prog-metal band.  We also play quite a few shows with ‘White Trash Heavy Metal’.  They’re neat because they’re playing a kind metal that no one else really does.  Tall Dark and Hammerd was also one of our favorites but I think they’re not gigging anymore.
3.  Gear question!  What guitars, amps, drums, basses, effects do you use?
Ivo uses DW drums. some really crazy kit he had built.  It sounds like thunder!  Jake is currently using a Fender Jazz bass and an Ampeg Amp.  The guitar player has a lot of guitars but usually uses a couple Les Pauls and an Engl Fireball amp.  Effects change constantly.  Usually just some wah, a flanger and reverb depending on the song.
4.  If you could put together a perfect band with anyone alive or passed away, who would be in the band? (6 players, keys, 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals)
This is a tough one…. probably Greg Howe and Dave Murray on guitar, The Rev on drums, Bruce Dickinson on vocals and none of us are too fond of keyboards so we’ll just say Jon Lord.
5.  What song are you currently digging? 
If it’s our song, probably the song ‘Johnny’.  It’s a newer one we wrote that’s a little bit of a departure from things we’ve done in the past.  Lot’s of light and shade in that one.
6.  What is the future for the band?  Any plans to record?
We definitely have lots of recording to do soon and are working on finishing up a couple of videos we’re shooting.  And gigging. lot’s of gigging because that’s where the magic happens!
~Five Hundred Pound Furnace

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