Artist Showcase – Flo

Once again, I decided to have a sit down with a few new musical friends.  This week its Flo! 


Flo Oramasionwu



If you were searching for a soulful pop singer with a huge, heart-stopping voice, the Canadian Prairies is likely not the first place you’d start looking.

But that’s exactly where you’ll find Flo.

Flo is known as an R&B phenomenon. She’s a captivating artist with undeniable stage presence. When artists like Divine Brown, Lauryn Hill, Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, and 112 are looking for opening acts, they come to Flo.

Whether it’s a huge arena like MTS Centre or the Centennial Concert Hall, Flo is in her element on stage, her powerful, emotive voice shaking the rafters.

Now, Flo is following up the success of her 2007 self-titled album with her sophomore release, “Pieces of Me”. Produced by Western Canadian Music Awards 2011 “Producer of the Year” Arun Chaturvedi, “Pieces of Me”(crowned Western Canadian Music award 2012 urban album of the year) is a reflection of who Flo is: an artist who represents encouragement, personal strength, passion and positivity.

Flo’s enduring message of faith and self-empowerment reflect an inner struggle: to overcome all obstacles and follow her dreams, “I believe this dream is bigger than I am.”

Luckily for Flo, her voice is bigger than her dreams. She is passion in living form, travels into realms of soul that some artists never tap into, and this is only the beginning…

“And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Nelson Mandela


Question & Answer Time!

  1. Who are your musical inspirations & Influences?

My musical inspirations and influences, huh? Do you have an hour? Lol, no I’ll try to summarize my list of artists that I adore. Ok so here it goes: Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Corinne Bailey Rae, Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, Adele, Amy Winehouse, John Legend, and Stevie Wonder.

  1. What local band other than you guys would you like people to know about?

There’s so many!! One great thing about Winnipeg is that there’s so much talent in this city, it’s incredible. I think the best place to get a quick taste of all the talent that this city has to offer is checking out the Manitoba Music page (great place to discover the musical gems in this city/province).

  1. Gear question! What guitars, amps, drums, basses, and effects do you use?

No effects, just my voice and the mic!

  1. If you could put together a perfect band with anyone alive or passed away, who would be in the band? (6 players, keys, 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals)

Oh man, that’s a tough question. Okay well I’ll just list musicians I’d love to work with: Questlove from the roots, Carlos Santana or Jimi Hendrix just to witness them do a crazy guitar solo on the stage, I’d also love to see B.B. King do his thing, oh and Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder on keys or piano. Vocals? Artists that would be amazing to collaborate with: Alicia Keys, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Pink, John Legend to name a few (trust me, I could go on and on).

  1. What song are you currently digging?

I go through bouts where I plug into the radio like crazy and then periods where I don’t. I’m in one of those spells where I haven’t listened to the radio for a bit, but songs that come to my mind are “Here” by Alessia Cara, and of course “Hello” by Adele.

  1. What is the future for the band? Any plans to record?

Definitely new music to come, and I guess you’ll have to stay tuned to see what’s coming.

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