Artist Showcase – Parker Hatcher

Parker Hatcher



Parker Hatcher, born in 1990, is a Trans male musician from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. 

He started very young and age 5, and has been composing, recording, and performing most of his life. 

He mostly records his own music, and plays his own instruments. Parker has one studio album under his belt titled “fighting kids for swings” released in 2011 prior to his transition from female to male. And has many unreleased independent musical projects. His new record “Ward 3” is in the works and should be expected soon. Demo tracks can be found on his website at

Parker suffers from an illness called “Systemic Lupus” which has made his career a challenge. But he loves challenges. His ultimate goal in life is to spread awareness and hope using his music, and believes that it can break down all barriers. 

Parker is proud to be who he is and encourages others to always love themselves and follow their dreams. No matter what life throws at you. 

Interview time! Grab a cup of coffee

  1. Who are your musical inspirations & Influences?

I started listening to alt and folk rock when I was about 7 years old. A couple pre 2000 our lady peace albums (Clumsy, Happiness is not a fish that you can catch, The age of spiritual machines). Everything Matthew Good has ever done, and I’m a very big fan of Aimee Mann. She created on her own terms and I admire her greatly for that. She’s also a really wonderful person. 

  1. What local band other than you guys would you like people to know about?

I’m a fan of Imaginary cities. Both Rusty and Marti are great people and incredibly talented musicians. 

  1. Gear question!  What guitars, amps, drums, basses, effects do you use?

I have a multitude of instruments. I record most of my own music. I use lots of different guitars for their specific tones and sounds. I use a Gibson 2011 nighthawk for live shows, it’s light and has two humbuckers and a single coil. It’s also equipped for coil tapping with a 5 way switch. So I can get loads of tones with that one guitar. I also use a Gibson Les Paul Studio (Tobacco burst), a Gibson 2014 Green Les Paul Peace with 61 humbuckers, A Gibson Les Paul double cutaway in TV yellow with p90s for that retro sound, a Fender USA telecaster standard, an epiphone Es-339 because you can’t not have a hollow body, and epiphone Les Paul standard pro with amazingly accurate coil tapping, and for acoustic guitars, I use a Martin large body single cutaway, a Gretsch parlour Jim dandy, and a black with cream binding Gibson J-45. 

My bass is an ash fender jazz. 

The amps I currently employ, are the fender blues jr iii tube combo, a Marshall mx 50 (mostly for the dirty channel), and a fender rumble bass amp. 

As far as drums are concerned I use a Rolland 11 electric kit. It sounds fantastic running through the interface in stereo. Nobody could tell it wasn’t acoustic. And when I go acoustic I use a pearl forum. 

Other percussion that interests me is a variety of shakers and tambourines. 

I also use a ukulele, a melodica, and an m-audio keystation for my midi and synth recordings. 

I run everything through an apogee quartet with some tube pre amps, into Logic Pro X equipped with waves, sound toys, and izotope plugins.

For mics, I’ve got the standard shure sm58, a few shure sm7b’s, audio techinca 40/50, a couple ribbon and pen mics, and a few Neumann TLM series vocal mics. 

For live effects my pedal board consists of, an electro-harmonix cathedral reverb, big muff pi, tc electronics flashback delay and looper, snark tuner, an ibanez tube screamer, a boss tremolo, and a classic cry baby wah pedal by Dunlop.  

For live vocal processing, I use a tc helicon play acoustic multi preset acoustic and vocal pedal. 

  1. If you could put together a perfect band with anyone alive or passed away, who would be in the band? (6 players, keys, 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals)

If I was able to put a band together I would use Aimee Mann guitar two, Paul Brian on bass, Keith Richards on guitar one, rusty matyas on keys, and Lucinda Williams with Ryan Guldemond of mother mother On vocals (If I could I would also add Kate bush into the mix somewhere)

  1. What song are you currently digging? 

I’ve been listening to a lot of Matthew Good this year. His album “Chaotic neutral” is amazing. “All your sons and daughters”, and “Los alamos” are two great tracks. I’m also getting back into some older courtney love when she was in hole. But I’ve also been listening a Joni Mitchell lately and find the song “Big yellow taxi” to be more accurate today than ever. 

I always end up hearing the stones “Gimme Shelter” when I’m out and about. And have found myself lost in a specific Aimee Mann song called “Ray” that I usually overlooked. It found its way into my heart.

  1. What is the future for the band?  Any plans to record?

I recorded my first album 10 years ago in my mom’s basement. Since then I had one studio record in 2011, and another on the way titled “Ward 3”. I’m tracking all of my own instruments and doing most of it at my home studio. But would like to travel and track a couple songs in other places as well. 

My goal is to get on the road and spread awareness about an illness called lupus. Using music as my medium. It’s something I’ve suffered from for almost 6 years now. And I would like to be helping my communities, also as a transgender man, would like to reach out to those who struggle with identity and help spread hope and inspiration. 

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