Video Shoot Location

Platinum Gold Studios is a great location for you next video shoot!  The studio space is very large, and open allowing a lot of room to spread out.  Over the years quite a lot of video’s have been shot in the space.

In fact just lately we’ve had Petric & Nicole Rayy shooting a few videos here.

Both of the above videos were shot & edited by Chris Gaudry

Video Checklist

  1.  Storyboard your idea for the video with your videographer
  2. Book studio space
  3. Remember to bring extra power cables, lights, camera!
  4. Have makeup on hand (whether it’s a great friend, or a professional)
  5. Bring audio track on CD.
  6. Bring lots of water! those lights can get hot
  7. Have fun!

To book the studio we require a $25 deposit and $250 plus taxes to use the room for 4 hours.

We can provide a PA to pump your track into the studio, so you can dance, sing and have a great time shooting your video!

We also can offer some nice set dressing, old microphones, instruments, etc

If you are a musician or videographer looking for a place to shoot a video, give us a shout at 204-586-8057 (Shane)



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