Spotlight – Eternal Now

16830820_1672178589746071_5890687605059580469_nEternal Now is a new age rock band infused with a bluesy feel, catchy hooks and intergalactic harmonies. This female fronted band explodes with high energy and excitement from the first note to the last. These guys and gals know how to have a good time, making every show a rocking experience where the audience is encouraged to join in. This down to earth krew are so easy to relate to and make you feel like one of the guys. Eternal Now was formed in 2016 when guitarist Jamie Dean, Bassist Marcel Greentree and Drummer Jared (MICK) Masters were looking to embark on a new musical project, that’s when they discovered Chantelle in a Karaoke bar under the alias Superstar singing the likes of Bad company, Etta James, CCR and Rihanna just to name a few “her shear vocal power and natural stage presence caught my eye immediately” said Jamie Dean. Naturally Chantelles sister the super talented Tina-Marie joined the rising force to create the astrological soaring harmonies of ETERNAL NOW “Music is something we love and want to share, spreading positive vibes and love is my personal goal, I want others to be inspired by my passion and to go out and discover theirs. Hope, believing, drive, determination, truth and love is what I want to spread.” -Chantelle Night – See more at:


Who are your musical inspirations & Influences?

16831900_1672179099746020_6201449439162483820_nEternal Now has the most diverse musical influences, this group of 5 have been influenced from basically every genre of music. Lead vocals Chantelle Night is heavily influenced and inspired by the bold miss Janis Joplin, Pink, Rihanna, Adele and locals Claude Simard, Mark Waterman and On the fly. Jamie Dean has found inspiration from AC/DC, Metallica, Joe Satriani and In Flames. Marcels main influences are Iron maiden, Dio and Judas Priest.  Masters ingenious is influenced by Niel Peart, Shannon Larkin and Tina-Marie has a country music background and draws inspiration from artists such as Lady Antebellum, Mark Waterman, Claude Simard, Journey, SRV, Miranda Lambert and Bif Naked.  Jared says John Bonham, Led Zeppelin, Tony Royster Jr.


What local band other than your guys & gals would you like people to know about?

We have become a very active member in the local music community and love to support other local artists some of our favorites that are a must see are.. Moon Tan, Wreckin So, Black Optic and Malevolent hand.


Gear question! What guitars, amps, drums, basses, and effects do you use?

When it comes to gear we use the best.

Guitars: Gibson/Fender

Amps: Marshall/ Messa boogie/ Ampeg

Pedals: Boss

Drums: Pearl

If you could put together a perfect band with anyone alive or passed away, who would be in the band? (6 players, keys, 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals)

Ooh. Perfect band… well were going to have to go with us (Eternal Now) plus this guy pauly D on keys and B.B King lol

What song are you currently digging?

16832277_1672178523079411_3296525849694171820_nThe song we are currently digging, well there’s five of us so… I think it’s safe to say take me down by The pretty wreckless since we cover it. The seven seas blues by monster truck. And many others, too many to list.

What is the future for the band? Any plans to record?

The future of ETERNAL NOW is endless possibilities, we want to start touring and getting out to as many festivals and venues as possible, also we are in the process of recording an EP and have near future plans to release a full album. We will be appearing at FALLJAM in August and have some shows booked around Winnipeg and Selkirk.

Social Web – Where can we find you?

You can check us out on face book, reverberation, instagram, twitter and Manitoba Music or email us at



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