Spotlight – Photican – Raven Strongquill

16923537_1629710464005049_2012303369_nI am a Winnipeg MB based music producer and vocalist

1. Who are your musical inspirations & Influences?

not other artists but rather life itself.

2. What local band other than your guys & gals would you like people to know about?

DJ Distracted Dancing with Jeremy Malenchak.

3. Gear question! What guitars, amps, drums, basses, and effects do you use?

Good o’l laptop, USB and assorted cords, also microphone and stand.

4. If you could put together a perfect band with anyone alive or passed away, who would be in the band? (6 players, keys, 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals)

I would have Celine Dion in my band, also James Keenan… Can’t think of anyone else.

5. What song are you currently digging?

A song I am currently digging is one of my own called “I Don’t Care.”

6. What is the future for the band? Any plans to record?

This year I plan to record vocals to my mastered tracks and later on in the year its all about exposure for those tracks

7. Social Web – Where can we find you?

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