How to get your album out on time and on budget

I’ve cultivated a “funnel” of how to get music recorded, mixed and product manufactured over the years.  Here’s the steps that have worked well for me in the past.  This whole timeline can happen in less than a few weeks if need be.  However a lot of times when projects are rushed, details get overlooked, it is very important to be as detail orientated as possible when working on a project.  After all it is your project, and it needs to be correct

  • Record the album. Take home rough mixes and listen to them.
    1. After a few days of listening come back to the studio and work on any song “re-do’s” and or any edits that need to be done.
  • Mix the album. Normally what I do is I mix the album to about 95%, meaning that I get it to the point where I am happy with it and then send it over to the client.
    1. Same goes for listening to the final mixes and the roughs, take your time and get back to me in a few days.
    2. Once the mixes are approved and no changes need to be made we can move on to the next step. If by chance things need to be adjusted now is the time.
  • Master the record. This is the final stage of balancing all of the songs, frequencies and overall “picture” of the record. 
    1. It is imperative that the correct lineup is given to the engineer at this time.
    2. The masters and backups are done at this time.
    3. The artist should sign off “approve” the master so that we can get on to the next step.
  • Graphics!
    1. The graphics can be started in the mastering stage of the project, provided that the track list lineup remains the same.
    2. Prep your biography and linear notes.
    3. Spell check it 10 times. Have other eyes take a look at it.
    4. Ask for templates if you are designing it yourself.
    5. Photos should be no less than 300 DPI.
  • Plant preparation
    1. The masters and graphics are digitally sent to the plant
    2. If you have recorded cover songs, now is the time to start working on mechanical royalty payments. The plant will not complete a run until this papework is in order.  For more information regarding mechanical’s see
    3. Once everything has been looked at by the plant, they will send out a approval email with the graphics details. This is your last chance to get everything corrected.  Take your time.
  • Book your release party.
    1. Now is the time to book your party, you have 2 – 4 weeks until the CD’s (or other media) is in your hands.
    2. Book the venue
    3. Plaster the neighborhood with posters
    4. Post on social media
    5. Sell, sell, sell!
  • And here we go!
    1. The CD’s are in, the party is booked and you are ready to rock n roll!




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