Platinum Gold Studios Policy


  1. All studio clients must provide a deposit of 1 hour ($40 an hour plus taxes) to book a recording prior to the date of the booking.
  2. Minimum charge for weekend bookings are subject to 4 hours paid, weekday evenings are subject to 2 hours paid.
  3. Minimum charge for a week day recording session is 1 hour ($40 an hour plus taxes)
  4. Cancellations will be charged at ½ hour for daytime sessions, and 1 hour for evening and weekend sessions.
  5. Payment terms: We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and Debit.  For small projects any payments incurred must be paid at the end of the allotted session time.  Ie COD.  Example a client works for 2 hours, they must pay for that time at the end of the session.
  6. Additional charges for backup, and media apply.
  7. The Platinum Gold Studios does not accept any responsibility for the storage or save keeping of a client’s instruments, equipment, recorded audio, documents, or any other client related materials. While Platinum Gold Studios does take backup precautions, to help ensure the protection of audio from loss or damage, Platinum Gold Studios does not accept any liability in the event of a loss due to any cause. While the Platinum Gold studios can provide several backup options, it is the client’s responsibility to assess the associated costs / risks and make the best decision for their specific purposes. The client is responsible to make adequate arrangements for the long term safe-keeping of their recorded audio.
  8. Credits: The client will ensure that there are full credits for any/all work done by/in the Platinum Gold Studios.
  1. Session starts time are as scheduled by the producer/engineer. Please arrive on time, but not super early.
  2. No form of master tape, mp3 will be released to a client unless the bill is paid in full.
  3. All audio that is unpaid belongs to Platinum Gold Studios until payment is received.
  4. All projects un-backed by client (and un paid for) up will be deleted after 2 months of being stagnant.

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